Golden Impossible: Quest for Golden Ruins Jamie System Development 1997

This FMV conspiracy thriller has a very unusual look with prerendered puppet-like characters in front of photographed backgrounds, but unfortunately it used some ancient licensed player technology and is therefore positively impossible to run nowadays. A Japanese warship took a bunch of Korea's ancient golden treasures in the war but it sank somewhere along the coast and was never found. Now you are in Seoul in 1997. Hyun Jin Nim is a sophomore in college and his elderly professor has discovered a map to the treasure. However, criminal elements have heard and also want their hands on it. They have taken hostage the professor and a friend of the student unless the map is handed to them. You must talk to different people, check different locations out and find clues that will first lead you to the map. Then with map in hand, you must free the hostages and somehow manage to keep the ancient treasures out of the criminal's grasp.
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Korean ISO Demo 285MB (uploaded by

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