Crayola Magic 3D Coloring Book IBM Multimedia Studio 1997

A perfect first step into creativity and computers - color a picture and see it come to life! Seventy pictures to color, plus fun-filled activities. Experience the fun and creativity of Crayola crayons on your computer. It's so easy, even pre-schoolers can create dazzling 3D pictures. Select an image, color with wacky textures and patterns, and use twenty-one fun glitter crayons. Pictures "magically" reveal life-like dimensionality when colored. Designing realistic pictures inspires children's creativity - educational, easy and fun, and it enhances art literacy skills. There's a kid-tested interface, 100 fun and surprising sounds, and 70 images. Kids use creative tools for endless hours of fun. Save and print incredible pictures, save creations in your own personal "Scrap Book", and extend fun off-screen with printouts.
ISO Demo 100MB (uploaded by Internet Archive Software Collection)

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