Eighth Voyage Of Sinbad / AdventureStory [Ru] Ivory Intellect 1998

This is a beautiful animated tale that tells the story of the struggle between Good and Evil. It tells the last adventure of Sinbad, in which he, like the Prince of Persia, is to release an unknown lady and defeat the malevolent wizard. He is on a mysterious island, where he wakes up alone. Literally on every screen, the unfortunate traveler waits some deadly intrigue. You can choose one of two levels of difficulty. There are many fascinating puzzles, most are simple but certainly interesting. This eastern story is told in the first person in which you become the protagonist. It has more than 20 minutes of superbly detailed animation, a high quality dynamic digital soundtrack, lots of interesting puzzles, and dozens of interactive animated characters.
AdventureStory - 2000 Russian ISO Demo 491MB (uploaded by scaryfun)

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