Sports Illustrated Multimedia Almanac Softkey / StarPress Multimedia 1994

For more than forty years, Sports Illustrated has delivered award-winning news stories and photos every week to millions of sports fans. Now the Sports Illustrated Multimedia Almanac 1995 extends this tradition, bringing you Sports Illustrated's privileged view of all the year's most spectacular action. View over thirty minutes of video. It's all here: Dallas' Super Bowl repeat; Houston's NBA Championship; World Cup action; the Winter Olympics; March Madness; and the MLB players' strike. You can also check out the years best in hockey, golf, college football, boxing, horse racing, and more. Enjoy Sports Illustrated's in-depth, insider coverage with a full year of SI magazine and over 600 full-color photos right from the pages of SI. Review the stats and records for your favorite sport in seconds. The SI Multimedia Almanac includes complete season and lifetime stats for every MLB, NBA, and NFL player; a complete statistical recap of the 1993-1994 season for 18 professional and amateur sports; and a comprehensive record book loaded with individual and team performances. Test your knowledge against more than 500 challenging questions in a fully interactive sports trivia game.
Info / Screenshots
1995 Edition ISO Demo 551MB (uploaded by Internet Archive Software Collection)
1994 Edition ISO Demo 626MB (uploaded by mklgw1985)

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