Princess Sissi: The Princess & Tempest Cine-Groupe / The Learning Company 2002

Princess Sissi is the romantic story of a real-life princess from a time long ago, now transformed into a popular TV series. Discover the story behind the real-life Princess and her faithful horse companion, Tempest. Join Princess Sissi as she tells of the story behind how she met her faithful horse companion, Tempest, in this activity-based CD-Rom game for girls aged 6 and up. Piece together Tempest's story, tack him up for a ride, solve quizzes and become an unbeatable rider!
included in Prinsessa Sissin ensimmÀinen suuri seikkailu & Prinsessa Sissi ja Tempest - Finnish Clone 2CD ISO Demo 895MB (uploaded by Egon68)
Princesse Sissi et TempĂȘte - French ISO Demo 522MB (uploaded by

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