Adventures in Odyssey 3-D Rhinosoft Interactive / Focus on the Family 1998

Adventures in Odyssey is inspired by the "values-based" video and audio series of the same name from Focus on the Family. Though not a prerequisite, it should be noted that familiarity with the series and its characters, including Whit, Eugene, Dylan, and perky pooch Sherman, is a plus. It opens with some promising choices such as "The Mystery of the Roses," "The Robot," and "Games Center." However, the user soon discovers they cannot explore these sections independently. Instead, the player must progress through the CD-ROM sequentially, starting with the first game "Scavenger Hunt," which must be completed fully before moving on. Not always an easy task. Odyssey is intended to teach Christian values by rewarding player's ethical choices. "Scavenger Hunt" isn't just a list of items for players to find, it's also a cast of characters for the player to help along the way. With pleasant animation and clever gaming premises, much of this can be fun; however, the "help" can be trivia questions and games the average 8-year-old might not be able to master easily (though patience is a virtue). Once you navigate successfully through all sections, you're free to revisit them at your leisure, but don't forget to save your game - or it's back to the beginning.
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ISO Demo (provided by mklgw1985 & upped by Scaryfun) 496MB

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