Bumptz Science Carnival Theatric Interactive, Inc. 1995

An opening animated sequence sets up the story line for the game. The Bumptz are on a field trip to the science carnival, but their bus had a rough landing, sending pieces all over the park. The player must collect the five pieces of the bus to fix it. The game areas at the carnival include the Bubblearium, the Photon-O-Tron, and the Magnet-O-Whirl. The goal in each of these areas is to use on-screen tools to solve problems involving science themese such as magnets, prisms, and angles. For instance, an angled wall allows for experimentation with the angle of reflection. Each of these areas contain many puzzles, ordered by level of difficulty (although one can play the puzzles in any order). The third level of each of these areas allows you to design your own puzzles. Another activity is the Clump-O-Matic, and is similar to the popular card game Set. This game, played on a 3 by 3 grid with groups of Bumptz of different color, size and number, can be played against the computer or another person. Finally there is a design area of sorts, called Snap Shotz. In this area, you put your Bumptz in a variety of different contexts and outfits to take their pictures, and you can view your album of pictures taken during game play.
Hybrid PC/MAC ISO Demo 303MB (uploaded by Internet Archive Software Collection)

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