Starshine Legacy 4: The Riddle of Dark Core Hidden Entertainment AB, Pixel Tales AB / Stabenfeldt AB 2008

The main character in episode 4 is Alex who is a bit of a tomboy and owns the horse Tin-Can. Alex is the beginning of the game in a bad light with Mrs. Graham, when she happened to get the principal's car to explode. Alex gets detention, but must make her way to his brother who is bullied by Buck. He will then be challenged by Katya in a race, but with Linda's help she manages. Katya wins, which bewilders Alex when she did not see a glimpse of Kajta during the race. The next day James disappeared and Linda has a vision where Katja has kidnapped James and just releases him in exchange for Tin-Can. Alex is appalled as is the Council of the others to ride to the sacred glade. There she meets Fripp and learns to use his soul force. Alex gets back to school when Linda needs her help to recover some stolen books. Lisa calls and says that her dad who works at Dark Core has been called away to a facility in the middle of nowhere to work on a project. The girls become anxious and Alex rides there on her way to Katja. Once at the site using Alex's soul force, she enters the building. There, she encounters Mr. Sands and takes a book from him. The book has Pandoria's ancient codes , with which Alex begs Katja and Buck to frees James. But James has strange memories and when Linda helps him to bring order to them, she finds out the awful truth.
Multi-7 Clone ISO Demo 247MB (uploaded by Egon68)
ISO Demo 151MB (uploaded by redunka)

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