Corpse Party 2: Dead Patient Memories of Fear, Grindhouse 2013

This is the first numbered sequel in the Corpse Party horror adventure series and features a new setting, cast, and graphical style. The development team that created the first Corpse Party, Team GrisGris, made this under their studio's new title, Grindhouse. A trial version of Dead Patient was released at the Comic Market 83 festival, and the full game was released episodically. Awoken from a coma, Ayame Itou, a first year in high school, found herself on an operating table in an unknown hospital. EKG suction pads, tubes and drip were running to various meters and monitoring equipment that all led back into her body. It felt like she had just awoken from pre-surgical anesthesia, but for some reason, there were no doctors in sight. As she slid herself off the table, Ayame realized in horror that most of her own memories had vanished. What happened? What is she doing here? Groggy from the anesthesia, she staggered out to the hallway. Bright hospital lights lit the way, it was a sight you'd see in any hospital anywhere. The odd part was that there was not a soul around. Patient records and clinical charts were strewn all over the place, and the plants were toppled over on their sides. The scene reminded her of a riot. Fighting against her rising sense of panic, Ayame set out to escape from the hospital, yet...
Japanese Full Demo + English Translation 431MB (uploaded by scaryfun)

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