Army Men II The 3DO Company 1999

The sequel to the surprise hit Army Men sees Sarge lead his troops back into battle, with more weapons and plenty of hard core, plastic melting action. The top-down war never stops as you take control of the Green army, out to stop the Tan army from taking control of the toy box, using whatever weapon you can find, including the trusty tank and the "burn baby burn" magnifying glass. Develop new strategies for confrontation against fearsome beasts (insects) and opposing forces as the conflict moves to the kitchen countertop, bedroom, yard, and garage. New features include improved and varied movement techniques, additional weapons and vehicles, experience points for Green Army individual soldiers, and a smarter AI. The inclusion of two plastic army men (green and tan) allows older gamers to wax nostalgic or provides plastic action figures for the younger set. The game is played from a top-down perspective with custom keyboard mapping and mouse control supported. Multiplayer options include 16 power-ups and four miscellaneous toggles: fog of war, corpses spawning zombies, replenishment of power-ups, and automatic replacement of casualties. Other options feature five specific types of troopers, vehicle availability, and asset usage. Expanded power-ups, vehicles, and weapons include a poor man's flame-thrower (aerosol spray can and lighter) and a powerful magnifying glass, both capable of melting opponents into a gooey mess. Sarge and troops can use a sniper rifle to eliminate foes from long-range and PT Boats allow movement across water. Ammunition and weapons now have a usage-counter that makes management of inventory easier, and some power-ups add to levels of ammo or health. Paratroopers, air reconnaissance, med kits, disguises, M80s, air strikes, radar, anti-aircraft guns, and in-field auto-repair facilities are just some of the resources now available. Army Men II contains an introductory training mission to ease the learning curve for novice gamers. All this and added multiplayer fun (4 in all).
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