Army Men: Toys In Space The 3DO Company 1999

Little green men do exist in the world of this game. This time a horde of alien toys invades Earth with the help of the Tan Army. Control Sarge's Green Army, along with Tina Tomorrow and her battalion of Space Troopers, to blast the Tan and Alien Armies from the bathroom to the deepest reaches of space. If you want real combat with plastic men, look no further then this on-going installment of the Army Men series. Enlist the aid of space vehicles like the Speeder and Rover to squash those bug-eyed monsters in never before seen locations like a space planet, bathroom, sandbox, and backyard picnic. Waste the Alien Army of larvae, spiders, and drones with cool new weapons: silenced rifles, incendiary grenades, napalm, heavy paratroopers, freeze rays, laser guns, fly swatters, and even glue! Eliminate the enemy and get to the strange blue field to transport you to the next level. Succeed in your mission and Commander Plastro melts into a pile of plastic goo for his sins. It has an enhanced game interface including manual control for individual units, multi-player options, map briefing screens, and easy grouping of units into separate squads. Other options include point-based gameplay, a unit and asset purchase system, and a multi-player competition with soldiers from three races and computer opponents. The dead stay dead but zombies can arise, giving you more reason to make careful decisions in placing the right type and amount of units. Battle three human or computer-controlled players over a LAN, modem or even the Internet through some of the more popular online gaming services.
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Full Demo 65MB (uploaded by
AlcoholClone ISO Demo 480MB (uploaded by Egon68)

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