Moebius: Empire Rising Pinkerton Road Studios / Phoenix Online Studios 2014

The first in an all-new series of paranormal mystery adventures from award-winning game designer Jane Jensen, creator of the bestselling Gabriel Knight series and Gray Matter. Step into the shoes of Malachi Rector, a brilliant antiques dealer and historian whose photographic memory and eye for deduction transforms locations and clues into interactive puzzle pieces and historical patterns. Players will criss-cross the globe's most exotic locales as they solve challenging riddles, search for hidden clues, and connect evidence and events to uncover a global conspiracy that threatens to bring worldwide ruin. When a young woman is brutally slain and a secret government agency decides to investigate, only Malachi Rector holds the key to unlocking this puzzle—a man whose destiny may not be his own to define. Use your photographic memory and deductive powers to analyze locations and clues to fit historical patterns. It blends 2D and 3D graphics to provide sophisticated storytelling, atmosphere and puzzles. Travel to Venice, Cairo, Zurich, and more, unraveling the mysteries of space and time. Unlock hero Malachi Rector’s destiny, and uncover his mysterious connection to ex-Special Forces soldier David Walker. Unearth a global conspiracy that threatens to bring worldwide disaster.
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Steam Level Demo (uploaded by Steam)
Enhanced Edition ISO Demo 1.65GB (uploaded by Egon68)
GOG ISO Demo v2.2.0.9 + OST Flac 1.40GB+458MB (uploaded by hgdagon)

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