Provincial Player 2 [Ru] Gershwin / Akella 2004

This continued adventure game tells about new adventures of a tough guy named Art Billy (based on Bruce Willis). This second part has him relaxing in Hawaii, when he receives an important case from the head mafia who instructs him to go to New York and find certain tricksters. On the way, Billy meets a blonde girl named Anna (based on Cameron Diaz), who later becomes his guide. As expected, this absorbs all the best from the previous section, and it means that we will again have to deal with the bad guys, to play a huge amount of gambling ( slot machines, card games, etc.), and of course, get a prize in a billiards competition. It features an exciting, stressful and at the same time humorous plot, qualitatively rendered animated graphics in 800x600 24-bit color, original, sometimes satirical music in the format of an Audio CD. It has lots of characters known from movies and TV, and is recommended for players 16 years and older.
Russian 2CD ISO Demo 1.25GB (uploaded by scaryfun)

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