Rudyard Kipling's The Jungle Book Novotrade International / EA*Kids 1995

An interactive storybook where you direct the adventure. It features Reading, Vocabulary, Decision Making, and Creative Story Telling. Discover a classic tale of the jungle with Mowgli and his pals, plus create your own Adventure Story. Baloo and Bagheera advise Mowgli on his journey through the jungle. Mowgli wants to follow his own path: can you help him? Choose a Paintbox Pal, and watch hundreds of possible interactive solutions unfold... Choice #1 - Select Jazz the Paintbrush, and Gray Brother joins Mowgli as they explore the Man-Village; Choice #2 - By choosing Sally the Sprayer, you'll take Mowgli to the home of the rambunctious Bander-log Monkeys. Your curiosity and the Jungle Map are your guides through this mysterious, wondrous world. Delight in hearing Kipling's actual text read aloud in the Read-A-Story mode, then watch it come alive in beautifully animated sequences. Bigger than electronic books, The Jungle Book encourages kids to read the story and interact with the characters to direct their own adventure. A captivating introduction to the classics, Kipling's world comes alive with cinematic animation, original music, excerpts from Kipling's text, and two play modes: Read-A-Story and Create-A-Story. Hot words and spoken dialogue for all text develop reading comprehension, vocabulary, and pronunciation skills for readers of all levels. With over 30 scenes and hundreds of possible interactive solutions, children will take part in a new adventure every time they play!
MAC ISO Demo 313MB (uploaded by scaryfun)
ISO Demo 250MB (uploaded by Internet Archive Software Collection)

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