Mistænkt / Polis 2: Någon ljuger [Sw] Vision Park / Deadline Games 2000

With the same realistic feel of the previous game, again you find yourself as the leader of a new murder case to solve. In most murder cases, the cause of death of the victims are from family members or from a close circle of friends. In pain and anger unexpected events happen and suspicions are raised. But that's not enough, there are also things that should be tested. Moreover, in a hurry, time is frighteningly fast and tracks soon cooled. "Polis 2" is a game for those who appreciate the Nordic black genre in books, film and television. But here, you must catch the culprit. Along with the police, you are there to identify the circle of friends of the victim, interrogate suspects, alibis and establish reliable evidence. You can also use the help of media in your work for recognition. With the publication of appropriate information, you can bring new councils and public testimony. Remember that a case is not resolved in a few days and rarely resolves. These realistic cases are based on authentic materials.
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