Unchildish Fairy Tales [Ru] Saturn+ / Buka Entertainment 2003

A guy named Ivan in a series of improbable events misses from the modern world of computers, mobile phones, the Internet and in a fabulous environment Russian folk tales. The dominance of foreign culture has also affected the world of Russian folk tales. The balance of forces overseas are an invasion of evil. JeĹžibaba introduces Ivan the ropes - Russian fairy world suffers from the expansion of non-native spirits. Overseas evil - fairy-tale characters from the works of the different peoples of the world - flowers and smells, received full support of the royal court and Koshchey Immortal. According to Baba-Yaga, treachery and lies Koshchey main evil. It gives Ivan an order - include a petition to the king, after having collected signatures from members of our fairy world. However, this will not end the adventure for our hero. Finding out who really is the enemy, Ivan will give him what he deserved. This is a classic cartoon adventure from the creators of the Petka series, "Midnight Nowhere" and "The Twelve Chairs". Colorful two-dimensional animation and thorough portrayal of the backgrounds provide immersion into the world of Russian folk tales, familiar to us from childhood, as you will meet Russian epic heroes and modern western fairy tales characters. A fascinating story and sparkling humor will impress all lovers of puzzling quests and those who just want to have fun with all their heart, and more than 50 gaming scenes, executed in high resolution.
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Russian Full Demo 496MB (uploaded by scaryfun)
Russian ISO Demo 488MB (uploaded by Old-Games.ru)

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