Roman Trachtenberg: In Search of the Perfect Joke [Ru] VZ.lab / Hamaxa 2006

This humorous quest, allows you to live several eventful days in the life of the famous real-life showman (who later tragically died of a heart attack in 2008). Roman has a fatal accident in the whirlpool of tragic events. At a nightclub, he meets with the beauty Alice - the sole heir to an eccentric millionaire. Money and pure love interest our hero much less than a crumpled page from an old collection of anecdotes, the owner of which the girl was after the death of a rich grandfather. According to rumors, it is printed on this page the best joke in the history of mankind. Anyone who reads it will forever change their view of the ridiculous and unprecedented reach for enlightenment. The problem is that a mysterious sect that does not wish this collectible piece to become the property and knowledge of the working people. Kidnapping, blackmail, the complete destruction of civilization - to achieve their goals, these sectarians will not stop at anything. Roman Trachtenberg against pop satirists. Who would win in a battle? It's the only game in the world which alloww you to transform into the great and terrible Roman Trachtenberg - glamorous characters (including dogs and Maurice Psyusha Boriseev) - politically correct humor - fully three-dimensional graphics with support for HDRI and "bloom" - more than a dozen memorable locations (Roman Trachtenberg'a apartment, a popular gay club "Night hamsters", etc. - the insane logic puzzles and shaped voyeurism - and a stylish alternative soundtrack.
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Russian DVD ISO Demo & Patch 1.04GB (uploaded by scaryfun)

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