Nuclear Titbit 2 / Jadernyj Titbit 2 [Ru] VZ.lab / Buka Entertainment 2006

In this sequel to the Russian adventure Nuclear Titbit, you play as Stacya, a sister of the main protagonist of first part, Anton Tvorog. This time events occur in cyberpunk Moscow of 2010. The coup d'etat was made by homosexual "Blue Helmet" military organization, and most of male persons are fed with special radioactive grass to become gays, and most of female persons are transferred either to uranium mines or to underground strip-clubs. The devil with his court has migrated to giant mechanical toy rabbit walking on the streets and is sponsoring the gay revolution. Stacya should find her brother. During her searches she will meet different bright persons such as hot Caucasian driver, editor of "Cabin Boy" gay magazine, owner of strip-club "Fresh Meat", female strip dancers, abbot of Nuclear religion, gay-donkey Fedya, radioactive cow, cerberus, etc., and even devil. The game mechanics are similar to the one used in Grim Fandango. You should move Stacya with arrow keys, turn her with keys or mouse, come to certain item in location, and interact with it. Also the "shoot-the-naked-girls-with-creem-gun" mini-game should be won during the adventures. The game has a fake censorship, very brutal language, partial nudity, sexual scenes, black humour, and extreme violence. It was made by experienced mind of Danya Shepovalov, famous Moscow underground "rave culture" veteran and is played in Russian.
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Russian AlcoholClone 2CD ISO Demo 1.54GB (uploaded by scaryfun)

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