Arthur's Reading Games Creative Wonders / The Learning Company 2001

This new addition to the Play & Learn line includes four multi-skilled learning activities that help children develop word recognition and other basic reading skills while playing with Arthur & D.W. Arthur's Reading Games has learning activities including an interactive story. You can also visit the Dance Theater. Reading with Arthur and D.W. has never been so much fun! Includes "Let Me Write" (Children drag pictures up to the paper tablet to form sentences teaching them new words and sentence structure), "Reading Race" (children match words to pictures and help Arthur and D.W. race forward to the Ice Cream Store), "I Spy" (Children practice word recognition while they play I Spy with Arthur & D.W. Kids can choose from three different games for hours off fun & learning, & "Read with Arthur" (Children learn reading and pre-reading skills while they read along with Arthur and D.W.) Hundreds of surprises and puzzles will keep them engaged for hours. The bonus art and music activities provide levels of difficulty.
ISO Demo 561MB (uploaded by Internet Archive Software Collection)

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