Jokes Of The Gods [Ru] S.I. Company / MediaHouse 2007

This will provide you a unique opportunity to feel the ancient Greek gods and to measure yourself against the inhabitants of Mount Olympus. This fight will not be by fair rules. To beat the gods - you need a unique sense of humor, and they're going to make jokes on you! You play as heroic young god Hermes but will be confused, led by the nose and given all sorts of advice unlucky not only to competitors, but to your assistant - conductor of celestial office Poraponty Wise. The main task - to have your head on your shoulders and match all the possible options and solutions by choosing the right one. Can you cope with puzzles with a cunning mind? Do not rush to celebrate! It's not so simple. computer game "Jokes of the Gods" defies not only your mental abilities, but erudition! During the game your hero Hermes offers numerous artifacts and references to ancient Greek myths, allusions to episodes of Scandinavian epics, and even ancient Indian mythology. It has high quality three-dimensional graphics, dynamic camera zooming, an original comic story based on the ancient Greek epic, more than 50 characters from Greek mythology, full freedom of movement, and 12 game missions in various genres (adventure, arcade).
Russian 2CD ISO Demo 894MB (uploaded by scaryfun)

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