UmaNetto Full hello! [Ru] PIPE Studio / Noviy Disk 2007

This is a humorous cartoon quest - a parody of the TV series "Not Born Beautiful." You play as Kate Ochkarevu who fell in love with her boss, Andrew Padlycha. Put yourself in the heart of the teeming life in UmaNetto. Climb the corporate ladder - from shredder to cool caretaker. Take part in auditions, corporate events, team building, training, and unrealistic orders. Do not stay away from the game and the infamous Bear - the undisputed leader of the hit parade of Internet jokes. To pass all the levels, you have to have a fair sense of humor, absurdity of thinking, resourcefulness and exceptional ability to sabotage. Enjoy the unique style of speech of all the characters who are voiced by the same actors as in the cartoon.
Russian 2CD ISO Demo 1.06GB (uploaded by scaryfun)

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