Army Men RTS Pandemic Studio Pty. Ltd. / The 3DO Company 2002

The world of Army Men is under your control in the first Real Time Strategy episode in the Army Men series. Command your Green troops, from the simple soldier to high powered tanks, against a former fellow Green commander who is now leading the enemy, the Tan Forces. The mission is simple, kill the traitor and his forces before all out chaos begins. Fight in the trenches of real world battle areas set in the plastic toy world, or fight in the trenches of backyard gardens, using gnomes, flowers and garden hoses as extra defense against the enemy. And just when the Tan army fall back, the ant or cockroache army come rolling in, with the wildlife getting their own back on you. The familiar "Red Alert" style resource management system allows you to choose from a wide range of attack and defense options. Resources themselves come from siphoning plastic and electricity from discarded toys, batteries and the like scattered around the battlefield. When you lose a building or soldier, melt it down to re-build a new building or soldier.
ISO Demo 332MB (uploaded by Meddle)

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