Star Stable 1: The Autumn Riders Stabenfeldt, Hidden Entertainment / Polluxklubben 2008

This is the first game in another series by the creators of Starshine Legacy that also combines horse riding and care with adventure tasks. Autumn - Summer sheds its skin and the landscape to prepare for winter. The trees shift their colors from summer green to fiery red, warm yellow and sparkling orange. In this time of change and opportunity a young girl arrives at the stables. All her life she has loved horses. She has dreamed of being around them, caring for them, nurturing them and feeling the freedom of riding horseback. It is a beautiful dream, but that is all it has ever been. Just a dream. She is excited, but scared at the same time. In a world filled with strangers she has nothing to hold onto but her dream. And she hopes that will be enough. That girl is you. Now live your dream. This entertaining and fun interactive game will be played over and over in the quest to learn to care for your horse and trying to get the medals and ribbons in all the races and disciplines.
Multi-7 Clone ISO Demo 307MB (uploaded by Egon68)
Russian Custom ISO Demo 212MB (uploaded by redunka)

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