Star Stable 2: The Winter Riders Hidden Entertainment AB, Pixel Tales / Stabenfeldt 2009

It's winter. Trees have long since lost their leaves and snow flakes form a soft white blanket over the landscape. It is quiet and still. The birds have moved to warmer countries and most animals - big and small - have gone into hibernation to avoid the cold of winter. In the Valley, life continues despite it being winter. There is stall mucking and horses need both food and water as grooming and pampering. In the riding arena , paddocks and riding paths are many happy people who are lucky to be able to ride. It's almost time for Dietrich Horse Show, the world's most prestigious showjumping competition. Only a few riders from the very best teams are selected to participate in the final. This year Pinehill has been promised a place in the final. They need now a rider who is really, really good. Are you the Masterful rider they looking for?
Multi-7 Clone ISO Demo 364MB (uploaded by Egon68)
Russian Custom ISO Demo 264MB (uploaded by redunka)

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