Star Stable 3: The Spring Riders Hidden Entertainment AB, Pixel Tales / Stabenfeldt 2009

It's ours. Winter has finally released its icy grip on the world. The snow has melted and formed rivers of fresh water flowing from the mountains down into the bay. Spring's first flowers have come out of the ground and extends greedily toward the sun. In the small village of Rockville in the hills near Jorvik, much has happened. The stable has a new owner, a woman named Jordan Jet! Rumors are that she has big plans - she has apparently been working with marketing and advertising at a large company before. There are whispers in a lot of farms in Rockville and also in the surrounding villages - Beauvista and Bayridge . Stall owners seem to be concerned that the stables in Rockville will force them to close. Some think that all the new things happening is amazing, but not everyone is convinced. You've been in Rockville stable ever since you were a kid and you are very curious - and quite nervous actually - when you now are heading there to meet with the new owner. What if she talks about her plans for you? What will happen in the future? Now is the time for you to find out!
Multi-7 Clone ISO Demo 369MB (uploaded by Egon68)
Russian Custom ISO Demo 267MB (uploaded by redunka)

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