Star Stable 4: The Summer Riders Hidden Entertainment AB, Pixel Tales / Stabenfeldt 2009

Summer - The real heat has finally come to Jorvik. The sun lets its scorching rays dancing across the cornfields and flowering meadows. Summer wind sweeps in from the ocean and cools both humans and animals; the hard-working farmers, the lazy dogs, the stealthy cats, and horses. School is out and the never-ending summer vacation has just begun. No more homework, no mossy history lessons with Mrs. Coorkwood or exhausting exercises with Mr. Flagstaff. Only jobs at Herman are Jorviks riding lessons, horseback riding and horse care. Life simply can not be better! Then there is Coyote. He is the brother of Herman, who runs Jorviks riding school, and has decided to return home after two decades as a professional rodeo rider in the United States. Now, he intends to start a center for Western Riding in Jorvik. And he wants your help! Shortly, there is frantic activity in the northwestern part of Jorvik where former farmland and swamp are quickly turned into paddocks, trails and more. And you and the rest of the employees must quickly learn barrel racing, pole bending, trail and pleasure. It's hard work but you've never had so much fun before. But something lurks beneath the surface. Strange rumors and fiendish gossip spread among the people on the farm and in what was to become Jorviks Ranch. Is Coyote's return more than just homesickness? Will you manage to reveal his secret? The player is a young girl who will become a full-fledged Western Riders She experiences many adventures, visits new places and meets many people. The player receives at the beginning of the game an older horse of Coyote. During the game the player gets to do lots of different assignments this serves to get Stable Money and other things. With Stable money , the player can buy clothing, riding lessons, maintenance equipment and horse equipment. The objective of the game is to get to the Lone Star Rodeo and win it.
Multi-7 Clone ISO Demo 440MB (uploaded by Egon68)
Russian Custom ISO Demo 329MB (uploaded by redunka)

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