Explore Yellowstone MECC / The Learning Company 1997

This interactive software program lets kids experience the excitement, beauty, and science of Yellowstone National Park. All visitors will explore eight different regions of the park. See over 100 sites. Identify and classify hundreds of species. Test their knowledge by answering visitors' questions. Help park researchers with 16 science inquiry projects. See how many ranger badges they can earn in each region through their park knowledge and research skills. It also features a multimedia guidebook with over 300 entries about the species and natural features of the park. The guidebook contains over 650 photos, dozens of sound recordings, charts and maps, and over 100 short videos depicting key animal behavior and answers from rangers and experts. It offers a fascinating look into Yellowstone National Park through the eyes of a natural scientist. Students are rangers, working their way to the rank of Head Ranger. To earn badges and move ahead, they must identify plants and animals, answer visitors' questions, perform experiments, and explore. There are hundreds of fun activities and experiments that motivate students to learn about the vast 3,500 square miles of Yellowstone. As students move up in rank by successfully completing more activities, it becomes more challenging. The untamed wild of Yellowstone is brought to life in more than a thousand multimedia resources. The Guidebook even contains videos of experts as they explain life in Yellowstone. It is a captivating exploration into one of our great national treasures.
Clone ISO Demo 418MB (uploaded by Egon68)

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