ClueFinders Search & Solve Adventures The Learning Company / Mattel Interactive 2000

In this Cluefinders title, you are being challenged to exercise your critical thinking skills in the context of solving a mystery that takes place in a deserted theme park ( "late at night where peculiar things are going on" ). The learning value of this program is focused on developing the types of thinking skills that underlie much of the problem solving required in school related work, especially in the math areas. As with the other Cluefinders programs, you are presented with a story, in this case starting with a mysterious flashing light in the deserted theme park , and you have to assist the Cluefinder team by directing their activities in order to solve the mystery. You enter the theme park, where two of the Cluefinder team are suddenly kidnapped and you have to get the electrical power generator to the park back up and running in order to be able to find them. And the story takes many twists and turns thereafter. This is where the challenge begins. To start the power generator you have to gather four "keys". You earn the keys by playing arcade games that will challenge your thinking skills. In the cargo area, you have to construct sequences of words that overlap in their spelling sequence (or at a more advanced level, are similar in meaning) in order to win a key. In the bumper car area, you are placing cars on the storage shelves in specific sequences that will fulfill the specific instructions you are given - a real exercise in logical thinking and at the robot arcade, you are matching colours and shapes to follow specific patterns. The program has a total of 9 different activities that are encountered through the three stages of the mystery and each activity has four levels of difficulty. Lots to work with and a good range of challenge levels in each activity.
Hybrid PC/MAC ISO Demo 395MB (uploaded by scaryfun)

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