Susan Rose: Mysterious Child / Dasha Vasilieva: The Personal Case of Catwoman [Ru] CreativeDream Studio / Akella 2009

Fascinating detective created in the works of popular Russian writer Daria Dontsova, familiar to players in literary bestsellers and numerous television adaptations. A girlfriend asks for help, being in despair, at the beginning of an incredible adventure of Dasha Vasilyeva (as she is known in the original Russian). On the eve of the New Year it will unravel the mysterious family intrigue. The unexpected return of her daughter deputy Mikhail Medvedev, missing for more than 10 years ago, during the lead private investigation, leads Dasha to the most unexpected consequences. It features: fascinating linear plot based on the eponymous novel, photorealistic graphics in high definition with an abundance of background animation, many unexpected but logical puzzles, excellent animation of various characters and animals, and unique dialogues.
Russian DVD ISO Demo 728MB (uploaded by scaryfun)

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