Susan Rose: Delicate Murder / Eulampia Romanova: The Gentle Husband Of The Oligarch [Ru] CreativeDream Studio / Akella 2010

This game is based on the novel of the same name by one of Russia's most popular crime novel authors, Daria Dontsova. The Moscow journalist also has worked as a teacher for French and German. Since 1998 she writes mystery novels, of which 46 have been published since in four different crime novel series. Around 10 of them have been translated and published in Germany already. Daria Dontsova was awarded with several Russian literature prizes for mystery novels and some of her books have been taken to movies. The successful author writes her stories about the wealthy Moscow society, she creates original scenarios where she puts her equally originally and detailed designed characters, who make their way in a simple but smart style on the background of an actual oppressive post-soviet reality, with new organised crime and Mafia structures, the big social problems and brutal racketeers. Her protagonist Romanova is a young, rich, chaotic-likeable hobby detective, sliding into exciting cases and solving them with esprit and talent of improvisation. The gamers will guide the light-hearted, hotspurred heroine in 3rd-person-view through a complex investigation of mysterious thefts and murders. It has a nonlinear structure and an original dialogue system, many unexpected logical puzzles and intriguing, photo realistic graphics with lots of background animation.
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Russian DVD ISO Demo 1.01GB (uploaded by scaryfun)

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