Sesame Street: Grover's Travels Encore Software 1998

In this parody of Gulliver's Travels, users join Grover as he meets Big Bird, Elmo, Mr. Snuffleupagus and more. There are six activities designed to teach numbers, shapes, sound recognition, story comprehension and emotions. It features: "Save the Silly Sailors' Stuff" - Retrieve stuff from a giant clam with Grover; "Untie Grover" - Count correctly to free Grover; "The Sea of Opposites" - Grover must do the opposite of what he's told; "Inflate the Balloon" - Make silly rhymes with Big Bird to get Snuffy to laugh and inflate Grover's hot air balloon; Make a Cape" - Make Elmo a cape to fly home; "Frosted Feelings" - Help Grover tell his Mommy about his adventures. This game is also part of the two-disc set Sesame Street Reading Games.
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ISO Demo 271MB (uploaded by Internet Archive Software Collection)

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