Shtyrlits 2: Tango in the Pampas [Ru] Studio "Roof" / MagnaMedia 2000

It was a mistake to think the Nazis were fully defeated after World War II. Some of them escaped the justice and fled to Argentina. Now they raise their ugly heads again in the depths of the Andes. Who can stop them but the brave Russian spy Styrlitz, who has already successfully confronted Hitler in the first game? This game is a parody on the famous Soviet movie "Seventeen Moments of the Spring", that tells the story of Major Isaev, a.k.a. Stirlitz, a Soviet spy in Nazi Germany. The character from the movie has long become object of countless jokes. The Styrlitz of the game is an idiot with a twisted sense of logic, which is all he needs to solve the tricky puzzles and to defeat the Nazis in this cartoon-style adventure.
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Russian ISO Demo 336MB (uploaded by scaryfun)

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