Skipper & Skeeto: The Midnight Mystery Ivanoff interactive / bhv software 2002

Skipper & Skeeto go on an exciting and entertaining adventure. It's midnight in Paradise Park and all are sound asleep when Skeeto is awakened by a mysterious creaking sound. He's looking out the window and sees Molly Mouse being abducted in a handcart. Molly sleeps so heavy that she did not notice that a character is about to abduct her. Skeeto quickly awakens Skipper and together they rush out the door to save Molly! But when they come out of the door, a teasing Goblin id down slope getting away - or is it? There are many puzzles to be solved and things to be found before they again lie down to sleep. Many hours of entertainment filled with tasks and mystery!
Magnus & Myggen: Midnatsmysteriet - Danish ISO Demo 103MB (uploaded by Terje_P)
Magnus & Myggen: Midnatsmysteriet - Danish ISO Demo (provided by Gamecare & upped by Scaryfun) 95MB

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