Shtyrlits 4: The Matrix Step Up to the Death [Ru] Magnamedia / Saturn Plus 2009

This is a continuation of the popular Shtyrlits quests. This man know everything. He's a walking legend, a brilliant scout. His cunning and wit get him out of any critical situations. He is Shtyrlits. Fans of this character can rejoice - he returns to our computers and this time with 3D graphics. It tosses out all possible principles, and there are no taboo subjects. But this is nothing against the fact that nowhere else in any game will you meet simultaneously with the characters from the cult TV series "17 Moments of Spring," "The Matrix", as well as by Ivan Dulin of "Our Rashi" and Harry Potter. All the best from the previous parts are preserved - select humor, challenging puzzles, and more!
Russian Full Demo 1.70GB (uploaded by scaryfun)

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