Arctic Moves [Sp] Dinamic Multimedia, S.A. / Imagine Software 1995

This is a 2-dimensional action-adventure shooter game being the third chapter of the Moves Trilogy following Army Moves and Navy Moves. Derdhal must now travel to the Arctic and infiltrate a base held by aliens who want to use future human technology for their causes. A U-92 submarine takes Derdhal outside the arctic base and he must use his weapons and skills to finally find out what is going on. In Mission 1, you start on the frozen surface of the Arctic, where you infiltrate the enemy base to destroy the communications system and destroy all their vehicles. You'll fight with hordes of various enemies varying from arctic commandos to air troops, who will shoot or throw grenades instantly! Note also that there are several mounted machine guns scattered around the areas. Apart from shooting, the game offers a lot of platform game style action, in which you have to jump to higher grounds in order to reach certain spots and objects. Not only you have to defend your precious energy bar, you have also to watch the limited time offered before ending your mission. Hopefully, there are scattered energy bonuses (depicted as hearts) and extra time bonuses (depicted as clocks) for you to collect. Get the job done and obtain the code for Mission 2 which is a bit different. Still an action-adventure game, but now running inside the alien spaceship! Your mission now is to connect 7 main systems of the spaceship. In there, terror is all over the place while walking in the dark corridors. Robots and deadly alien species will come on you to terminate your quest! Note also that there are a few huge beasts called CAPITOSAURUS, some of them throwing acid balls, which will only be killed by grenades.
Spanish Full Demo 1MB (uploaded by MyAbandonware)
Spanish Full Demo 1MB (uploaded by Computer Emuzone)
Browser-Playable Free Version *requires FXWebPLayer plugin (uploaded by FX Interactive)

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