Little Bear Kindergarten Thinking Adventures Basis Applied Technology, Inc. / The Learning Company, Inc. 2000

It features many different types of rudimentary activities designed to broaden the horizons of children ages four to six. In addition to eight learning games, there are 25 family oriented activities as well. Among the learning activities are sorting with Little Bear, finding camping equipment in the kitchen, making wind chimes for Owl, repairing a dam using problem solving and comparing and contrasting flowers in a garden. Represented in animated hand-drawn scenes, these activities build important thinking skills, reasoning, visual discrimination, sequencing, ordering and math skills. After the child has participated in the aforementioned activities, printable activities await. While the actual learning games are played on the computer, the family oriented games and activities can be completed in the comfort of your own home away from the machine! Activities include crafting Origami flowers, designing a sailboat, creating a board game using family portraits and planning a party. This is one of three learning games in the Little Bear series - for younger children, try the Toddler or Preschool releases. This educational tool also features a parent's guide, difficulty settings to accommodate both younger and older children, a progress tracker, a printable award certificate and a skills summary that outlines each activity and what's being taught.
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ISO Demo 528MB (uploaded by Internet Archive Software Collection)

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