Three Heroes and Shamahanskaya Queen [Ru] Pipe Studio, Mill / 1C-SoftKlab 2010

This is the fourth children's game about the adventures of the three heroes and based on the eponymous animated feature. This time epic heroes Alyosha Popovich Nikitich and Ilya Muromets come together to protect the Russian land, because Russia has fallen into a fantastic unexpected trouble - the insidious Shamahanskaya queen has captured the princely throne, once again proving that beauty is a terrible force. In order to have the best friends in the fight against this scourge, they will visit different countries and go through numerous tests: get an audience with the Emperor of China, find Robin Hood in medieval England, and even escape from paradise. But a strong friendship and mutual help will overcome any obstacles. The funny story features your favorite cartoon characters, a variety of entertaining mini-games to test your ingenuity and responsiveness, and the ability to play each of the three heroes in turn and pass the storyline with each.
Russian DVD ISO Demo 1.67GB (uploaded by scaryfun)

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