Dollhouse: Room 1313 Creazn 2014

Early Access Release, Full Game Release Date: 2015 This is a unique horror adventure that is heavily inspired by Stephen King novels most notably the Shining. In this non linear narrative, players craft their own stories by collecting randomly generated recordings to ensure no two stories will be same. Players can craft their own stories by choosing what recordings they choose to hear or ignore. The whole game is randomly generated to allow for infinite replay value, the extent of our map gen randomizes every component of the game from as little as a cup on a table or whole room layouts. This extends to each level of the game in singleplayer and multiplayer experiences. In search of the recordings, there is an invisible entity that stalks the player around the map, the unique twist is that you can see through the eyes of your pursuer, by doing this you know its position, but it also knows yours. Experience the horrifying single player in multiplayer as well with newly added stories and mode to make this a frighteningly unique multiplayer experience. Play as Katherine Langley and explore the crevices of her mind represented by a Dollhouse. Collect recordings and discover the truth behind her sins, as your own conscience is trying to stop you from remembering. The Random Map Generator randomizes everything in the game, to ensure no 2 experiences will ever be the same. Room locations, hallway sections, layouts, objectives, environment spawns, event triggers and more are all dynamically and randomly generated for both single player and multiplayer modes. This is another layer of fear and suspense since you will never know what is lurking around the corner. The map essentially becomes a maze you cannot escape from. In "guilt trips" at points of the game when a player does not find any recordings for a period of time, visions will pop out to scare the player, but to also indicate that the player is near a recording. Multiplayer modes are simply 2 v 2 where one team which plays as Katherine in her 2 states of mind, one driven by beliefs, and another driven by thoughts. They both need to recollect their memories scattered throughout a randomly generated map. Despite being on the same team, both players are competing to become the more dominant state of mind. The other Team will play as your conscience; their objective is to stop the other team from reaching the 13 recordings. All the mechanics carry over from the single player affair, your conscience is an invisible stalker that knows where the other players are located whenever they use their ability to see through the its eyes. The other layer of twist is that the conscience can deny recordings as well by destroying them, or using them as bait.
ISO Demo v1.30 2.28GB (uploaded by Egon68)

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