Artus et le Vaisseau Fantome [Fr] Hachette, Musée national de la marine 2002

To replace his cousin who left a few days on vacation, Artus was promoted lighthouse keeper in charge of watching over the harbor of old ships, just before the big party boats. Then a strange event occurs: every night, a ghost ship appears and terrorizes sailors. All want to leave the harbor, which would be a disaster for the party boat! Artus has no choice: he must solve the enigma of this ghost captain, who died there three centuries ago, suddenly resurfaced to haunt the harbor and some of its ships. The intrepid mouse then explores the boats at night, taking the player on an adventure full of adventures. There's 6 missions to accomplish in 4 different ships and various original vintage from the collection of the National Maritime Museum. It has 12 learning games, searchable at any time to facilitate the progress of the player. You have the assistance of 5 original songs.
French Clone ISO Demo 495MB (uploaded by scaryfun)
Dutch ISO Demo + Newer Version 685+700MB (uploaded by Internet Archive Software Collection)

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