Momodora I-II rdein 2010

This is a 2D platformer that tells the story of an orphan girl named Isadora who went looking for a rare item in a secluded labyrinth. This network of caves harbour bug-eyed enemies of different shapes and sizes, but all of them bear the intention of hurting you in some way or the other. Fortunately you came prepared with a magic leaf that can be used to attack your adversaries, and throughout your quest more powerful weapons can be discovered and added to your bag of tricks. The game looks and sounds great. Momodora II (2011) is a 2D exploration-platformer sequel. It's about banishing monsters with a magic maple leaf, and praying to gods. There are also multiple ending. The game is programmed with Game Maker 7 with sound effects by DrPetter's SFXR and music by Elektrobear. It takes place sometime after the events of the first game. The previous protagonist, Isadora, was cursed into an Underworld Queen for breaking into the sacred shrine Terra Altar and seeking its forbidden magic. Her rebirth as an Underworld Queen has caused a lot of problems to nearby villages. Due to that, Momo, a shrine maiden from the KoHO village, is sent on a mission to find the new queen to slay her.
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Free Games I-II 10MB/16MB (uploaded by BombService)
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included in Momora I-III 103MB (uploaded by Delacroix)
Free Games I-II 10MB/16MB (uploaded by hgdagon)

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