My Ex-Boyfriend: The Space Tyrant! Up Multimedia 2012

This is a traditional point-and-click adventure but stands out for its gay cast and eye-catching visuals. On the surface, the storyline is standard science fiction fare: you play as retired space captain Tycho Minogue, who is dragged back into active service in order to foil the nefarious plans of a powerful interplanetary tyrant who is taking his fleet from world to world, subjugating the free people of the galaxy. But there are twists! A tale of love, loss and adventure spread over three planets and several lightyears, it's the gayest game ever made. It's a full length gay themed point-and-click adventure game with a superb blend of comedy, drama, romance and mystery. It has artwork by award winning artist Joe Phillips, over 70 scenes and 40 characters, and accessibility options for vision and hearing impaired players.
Full Demo 219MB (uploaded by scaryfun)

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