3 Little White Mice: Visit of the Sea Rat [Ru] Lazy Games / New Disk, Anuman Interactive 2007

Once upon a time, three small white mice - Morzel, Mrs. Martha Nelson and small - have left the comfort of their house and went to the forest on a fascinating journey full of peril. They headed to the sea shore, where they landed on the ship of Aunt Emma's famous sea rat. On the way to a secret cove in the forest, how much can happen when you go on a short journey! Sunny glades and gloomy crude spruce, berries and mushrooms, discoveries, and danger, and of course a variety of forest dwellers are encountered. Some pass by, some hide, some will help, but from some it's better to stay away. Animals and forest world by well-known artist Natalia Fadeyeva and the lovely fairy tale is written by Natalia Dubrovsk. The game has unique puppet animation. All scenes were shot in the present, with no digital scenery, and with real light and real shadows. There's two dozen characters - a variety of forest dwellers from a caterpillar to a bear. Mushrooms, berries and plants can be found in the forest. It's like a living book, a child can play, listen to or read an interesting book on the screen.
Russian DVD ISO Demo 1.38GB (uploaded by scaryfun)

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