Kurogane no Houkou / Warship Commander [J] Microcabin, Daewoo Information 2000

In this maritime tactical action game, players can design their own ships against enemy units on the battle map, enjoy the fun of the sea battle with all kinds of super weapons. A Chinese version was later released in 2001. Microcabin was bought out by Koei and continued the game series for them to brisk sales. The game is set in 1938, countries are rushing to the arms race, and begin to develop all kinds of super weapons. In order to prevent the destruction of the world's super-weapons, people in various countries have organized a contingent of Zero guerrilla forces to curb Japan, the United States, Britain, Germany and China super weapons troops plan to maintain the balance of military power in the world.
Chinese Full Demo 19MB (uploaded by Supernova)
Chinese Full Demo (mirror) 19MB (uploaded by Supernova)

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