Dumb Patrol / Tupoi Dozor [Ru] Saturn+ / Akella 2006

This adventure is a parody of the book "Watch" by Sergei Lukyanenko. We all know it is dangerous on the streets. But here we talk not about maniacs and criminals. When the dumbness falls and the forces of idiocy dominate, you can face anything. The force of dumb people is so great that is is impossible to defeat them with the help of common weapons. But they are being followed by those who have been fighting and destroying the children of stupidity for centuries in accordance to the Agreement concluded a thousand years ago between the Illicit and the Dumb... Their name is a Dumb Patrol. Their goal is to keep balance between the Good and the Evil: if the balance breaks, it will bring revolutions, wars and universal disasters. The main scout of the Dumb Watch Artem Nevtryndetsky is ready to deal with any problems! This morning Gesser, sipping “Necafe”, tells him about the disaster which is about to burst... and so the wild battle with the Dumb begins!
Russian 2CD ISO Demo 926MB (uploaded by scaryfun)

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