Twins in Trouble Makh-Shevet / SCOPS Software 1994

An animated adventure game for ages 5 to 7. Twins Jennie and Tom were having a pleasant frolic through the forest, until they came across a strange, unknown path... and were ambushed by a pair of goblins. The two mischievous creatures won't tolerate any twins in the forest other than themselves, so they hatch a wicked plan to separate the children. Here, the player takes control of one of the siblings (either Tom or Jennie) as the other is abducted by the goblins. The game uses a simple point, click and drag control scheme with an interactive cursor. Objects can be found or obtained to further the player's progress, and various characters will use full voice acting to communicate and interact. Journeying through a magical fantasy land to find and save the lost twin, the player will encounter numerous riddles and puzzles tailored to train basic skills - pattern recognition, size/color matching, visual perception, coordination, and exercises in music and logic.
ISO Demo + DOSBox 204MB (uploaded by Internet Archive Software Collection)
Full Demo (after installing run eng.bat for English version) 96MB (uploaded by

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