Dex Dreadlocks Ltd. 2014

Early Access, Full Release Date: May 14/2015 Explore the futuristic city of Harbor Prime and meets its many inhabitants, answer the challenges the city has to offer, roam the neon-lit streets, and augment your character with skills and implants. Designed as a tribute to the classic RPGs from the ‘90s, updated for a modern audience, Dex invites you to become part of a living, breathing cyberpunk universe as you decide which ultimate path you will embrace. It offers in early alpha: over ten hand-crafted locations to explore within an open-world futuristic city; several NPCs, traders, and quests givers; a couple of side-quests; four enemy types; raw version of the combat system (brawler-style, arcade melee combat); raw version of the stealth system (field of view, backstabs); several skills are implemented and around ten implants are available for augmenting your character. An Enhanced Version was later released as a free download to owners of the original game. It included the addition of new quests and items, improvements to AI, the game's save system, translations, and overall game performance.
Steam Level Demo (uploaded by Steam)
GOG ISO Demo v2.1.0.4 + OST 1.49GB + 166MB (uploaded by hgdagon)

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