Buratillo On The Trail [Ru] Saturn+, Fly / NevoSoft 2010

The protagonist of this classic quest is a wooden rowdy boy named Buratillo. In the morning when he should go to school as usual, he slept in late. And it saved his life. Near the school there were police and ran the furious Carabas Barabas - headmaster. Through an empty corridor he came to his class. But the door to the classroom is closed and sealed. It turns out that all diligent students who came to school on time, disappeared. And only negligent Buratillo avoided this. Naturally, he falls under suspicion in the kidnapping of all students at the school. The only way for the wooden man to clear his name is to investigate and find all the disciples. You encounter funny characters that will help you by virtue of their ability. Collect different objects lying around here and there, correctly apply them in various scenes. And, as a result of the investigation, you will realize that in fact the story is not limited to the disappearance of the students, but its roots go deep into the past and entangle almost all the inhabitants of the city. This classic adventure is created with a fair amount of sharp humor that will appeal to all players. Go through all the scenes and the location of the game, solve all riddles and you will penetrate into the terrible secret enveloping the city and all its inhabitants.
Russian Full Demo 411MB (uploaded by scaryfun)

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