Eyewitness Encyclopedia of Nature DK Multimedia 1995

This CD-ROM released in three constantly updated editions for Macintosh and Windows allows students to explore a variety of wildlife and nature topics. Information is displayed in movies, still photographs, maps, and text, some with accompanying narration. All topics can be accessed from a main menu page; however, subsequent screens are structured to allow access to the information from different contexts and directions. Principle topics include plants and fungi, reptiles, birds, fish, mammals, invertebrates, amphibians, insects, and prehistoric life. Other main headings include classifications, climate, ecology, the evolution of different species, and efforts at conserving endangered wildlife and habitats. Features include an extensive index, highlighted vocabulary words with text definitions, games, bird calls, and specific information on a number of species. A connection to the internet is also available for further research.
v2.0 ISO Demo 485MB (uploaded by scaryfun)
ISO Demo v1.0 622MB (uploaded by Internet Archive Software Collection)

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