Lego Creator Superscape Ltd. / LEGO Media International, Inc. 1998

This provides users with an unlimited supply of LEGO bricks with which to build with. Although there is an unlimited number of bricks, they are all of the town theme. The game does not have an objective to complete, users simply play with LEGO bricks while building their own town. Building is done using a point-and-click interface. The mouse is used to pick up a brick and drag it around while you search for a spot to place it. Once a brick is selected it can be rotated, placed anywhere a compatible connection is located, and changed to a different color. Pre-built models are included as well so that every item does not need to be built from scratch. Along with constructing a town, people and vehicles can also be created. Mini-figures are put together in the same way as the actual toys. Users select the mini-figure's headgear, face, body, backpack, legs, and tools. When placing a mini-figure into the town you will have to choose if that mini-figure should be standing, sitting, or walking. Sounds can be added to the mini-figures too. Choose a sound they should make when close to another mini-figure, when they bump into something, and the sound they randomly make. Players can even add their own sounds if they would like to. Vehicles become movable when a mini-figure is added to them (pre-built vehicles automatically have a driver/pilot). When placed into the town a vehicle will need to be given a path so that it knows where to go. All paths will eventually reconnect with themselves so that the vehicle will move in a continuous loop. Aircraft paths are set in the same way but they must be given a high enough altitude so that they do not crash. At any time users can put themselves into their town and take a look around. A town can be explored a number of different ways. One is simply to use the camera to zoom in and out. Another way is to take a third-person or first-person view from one of the vehicles or mini-figures as they move around. The last way is to actually take control of a vehicle or mini-figure and explore on your own. One final feature are Destructa Bricks. These special bricks are used to blow things up. They can be detonated at any time by the user or they can be placed on either a set timer or random timer.
Spanish ISO Demo 223MB (uploaded by scaryfun)
ISO Demo 331MB (uploaded by Internet Archive Software Collection)

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