Once Upon an Apocalypse Telles0808 2013

What happens when a friend tells you a story where you're the main actor? And if you're there trying to survive a Zombie Apocalypse narrated by your friend? This is a short minimalist game with pixel graphics, to challenge you for 15 minutes in every match. Discover the secrets, find survivors, study your strategy and try to achieve the last day with the best results to earn all the Achievements! Manage your group against zombies overnight, or find food and water during the day. It will challenge you and test your skills! In 2015, a full game expanding on this story will be released. It will mix old-school adventure games with new mechanics and mini games. It will also have RPG elements and you will be able to explore Curitiba, a capital city in Brazil, and learn nice things about the local culture and places. Expact the feel of Sam & Max, the puzzles of Another World mixed with HQ cut scenes.
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Free Game v1.0.9 38MB (uploaded by Uptodown)

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